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First time here? Post your guilds info (see form below) for the first time & it will be added to the communtities memories as part of the database. That way neopians looking for a certain type of guild can browse through & see all the different types of guilds out there. So get yours listed today!

Moderator: piratemakeout
Neopets: Hipster_Kryptonite
Contact: neomail
Guild: Malityville

Even we need a few rules, so please read through these so things don't get out of hand.

# Once you join, you're in. There's no need to post any sort of survey or introduction. Just start posting like you've always been here.

# Be nice.

# Don't spam.

# Do not disallow comments on your posts! This is rude, and post with disabled comments will be deleted without warning.

# Please be considerate of people with dial-up connections. Images over 300x300 pixels must be put in an LJ-cut. If you're not sure about the size, put it behind a cut.

# Please, do not post your guild advert more than once every 3 days. People do not like their friends page overloaded with the same banner again & again.